Mid-Infrared Lasers
The scenery and landscape of the Italian tourist Lombardy region is so diverse that this resort area offers the opportunity to spend a holiday in Italy at any time of the year. Due to the differences in local climatic zones spring in various areas of the resort region Lombardy lasts the whole year.
The terracotta army is one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries of our time. Ancient warriors were discovered by Chinese peasants, 29 March 1974, while digging a well on the outskirts of XI'an city. Residents of the Chinese province of Shaanxi is known for its arid conditions and could not think that in search of water can make the most stunning discovery in history.
With pristine forests, mountain valleys and flowing rivers, Zhangjiajie is a great place to study local bounties of nature. Nature reserve and historic area Wulingyuan scenic area is better known under the name of Zhangjiajie. It was founded in 1982 as one of the first Chinese nature reserves and retain intact a huge number of varieties of flora, fauna and national small tribes.

Top 10 most beautiful hotels in the world

1453209457407111382538949731623[1]In recent decades, tourism has become a kind of push. And it happened largely due to the discovery of new historical places on the world map, as well as the restoration of known landmarks with worldwide recognition, moreover, not rarely, is listed in the world Heritage list, which demonstrates their importance.

Another direction of tourism activities in different parts of the world. After all, it’s nice to come to the Maldives and laze on the white sandy beach watching the coral reefs. And the third area of tourism, can be called business tourism is when business people come to other countries to establish profitable contacts. If you look at all these types of tourism will unite one thing in common – for any traveler, tourist, vacationer need a hotel . And it is desirable that were of a different class and level, because traveling the worldnot only millionaires. Such conditions led to the fact that of ka began to grow mushrooms after rain. And to make them easier to understand, we decided to compile a list of Top 10 most beautiful hotels in the world. Continue reading

A. P. Bogolyubov. Kind of Saratov with Sokolova mountains.

A. P. Bogolyubov. Kind of Saratov with Sokolova mountains. 1887-1888

17[1]Picture “View of Saratov with Sokolova mountain” belongs to the genre of landscape, one of the most popular genres of painting. Landscape (Franz. paysage, from рауs – country, countryside) is a genre of fine art (or individual work in this genre), which shows a wild or in varying degrees, the transfigured human nature. In the landscape of the artists play real or imaginary countryside, cities, architectural structures, marine species (such a landscape is called Marina), etc.

The basis for the painting “View of Saratov with Sokolova mountain” became the artist’s impressions of the trip in June 1887 in Saratov, when I learned how he created Radischev Museum.

The painting shows a view of the Volga and the Saratov Sokolova mountain on a cloudy day. The artist chooses an unexpectedly bold perspective – Sokolova mountain cliffin the foreground occupies almost half of the picture, divides it almost diagonally. The distance the panorama of the city, sailing ships and boats on the Volga. Brilliantly designed linear and aerial perspective. Discreet flavor is built on the dominance of grey and brown tones. The artist strives to truthfully describe what I saw, and it allows us to assign a picture to a realistic direction. Continue reading

Famous theatres in the world

La Scala, Milan

“La Scala” (ital. Teatro alla Scala or La Scala Opera house in Milan. The building was built by the architect Giuseppe Piermarini in 1776-1778, on the site of the Church of Santa Maria della Scala, where occurred the name of the theater. The Church, in turn, was named in 1381 not from ladder (scala), and from the patron, a member of the genus rulers of Verona by the name of Rock (Scaliger) – Beatrice della Scala (Regina della Scala). The theatre was inaugurated on 3 August 1778 community Opera by Antonio Salieri “Recognized Europe”.

The Grand Opera, Paris

Paris Opera (FR. Opéra de Paris), Grand Opera (FR. Grand Opéra), modern France is known as the Opera Garnier (FR. Opéra Garnier) – the Opera house in Paris, one of the most famous Opera houses Continue reading

Sights In New Zealand

New Zealand is famous worldwide for its very diverse natural resources – mountains, geysers and lakes, caves, and green forests, Sunny beaches and glaciers. Ultra-modern and constantly updated environmental programs allow you to save all of these beauties virtually intact, even on-site and nearby cities.

Especially of interest to travelers Tongariro national parks, Fiordland, Egmont, mount cook, and two marine Park. In the list of UNESCO world heritage site covers three areas: the South-Western region Wahipounamu, new Zealand island, Tongariro national Park, the most famous sights in New Zealand.

North island is one of the most excellent places on our planet. The island is personified in the form of a motley mixture and snow-covered mountain peaks in the Park Tongariro, vast green lawns in the foothills, drowning in a dense bright green forests of the slopes of an ancientvolcanic plateau, areas of ancient volcanic points with lots of geysers and mud pools, and the shores of the island are infinitely long beach. Continue reading

The architects called the most beautiful city in the world

American magazine Forbes has asked experts in areas such as urban planning, architecture and sustainable development, to name the most beautiful cities in the world.

On top of the rankings, compiled on the basis of their reviews turned Paris, capital of France. The most famous attractions-the holiday remains the Eiffel tower, Champs Elysees and the Louvre.

Second place went to the canadian Vancouver. The most well-known types – this Coastal ridges and Stanley Park, as well as overall parks and green areas of the city.

Third place went to Australian Sydney. The beauty of the harbour and Sydney harbour bridge, and Sydney Opera house, known around the world. The experts also commented on the beautiful Bondi beach.

Also the list included the following cities:

Florence (Italy) with its Basilica, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria.

Venice(Italy), where tourists come to admire the canals floating gondolas on them, the Basilica of St. Mark. Continue reading